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H.O.W. Femme Empowerment New Moon Cycle’s – Cycle I
‘There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you.’
– Maya Angelou
Dearest Femme,
We invite you on a journey, for a complete cycle of 13 empowering moons. With us and other moonsisters. Where ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME. Feeling high, low, heavy, shy, bursting, angry, sad, sunny, grieving, confused… It is time we take space to allow ALL OF OURSELVES. And so we put together an amazing, empowering, program: 13 new moons of coming together, bonding, growing, exploring, opening, learning, Being.
What is the feminine story? What is your story?
The feminine, as well as the woman, has been repressed for ages. The balance between masculine and feminine inside of each body, as well as outside in the world, is far beyond empowering, and harmonious.
Yet the feminine energy is all about Oneness. Unity. Wholeness. Harmony. By birth we, as femme’s actually immediately experience a birthtrauma, being separated from the Oneness/the Mother. Mostly not finding the harmony we know is possible in our hearts, in our wombs, in & with ourselves. And so we are born with a wound carried in our belly.
Today, we see the world around us being very confused; nature is on fire, people are dividing as it being war time, still many are hungry and so many more ill. Yet at the same time we become extensively more sensitive, feel more, know more, and hence we know, it is about time, to open for an inner balancing & allow peace to be carried in wombs & hearts, and so into the world. To be attentive to both the personal & the collective wounded belly and return to our innate ability to feel, and follow that incredible intuitive natural wisdom.
Femme empowerment lies in balancing the masculine & the feminine in each body, and in giving space for the true feminine to Be, to radiate; to rise. This is the intention of this journey of 13 moons.
You are invited to make the journey together, to & for personal & collective Female Empowerment. We shall be explorers into the depth of who, and what we truly are. We shall learn from the stories of women that lived before us, and the ones around us.
The idea to come together a committed 13 moons {which is a whole cycle in the moontime} allows us to really grow together, to form once again a bond, of intimacy, of sharing, of support, one that cannot be stolen or lost, since moonsisters we are by our true nature.
The commitment to ROOT once again into our wombs. To reclaim whats ours, reclaim power & pleasure, and use that feminine energy as the power it can be, to work WITH.
We will work with several amazing femme sisters, inspiring woman, from all over the world, that have worked through, empowered, and thus created their own empowering & authentic story, in these cycles offering us their heart’s & wombs work. Each New Moon gathering will be 2,5-3,5hrs.
You are encouraged to purchase a ticket for all cycles, to go deep & rise together, – bonding for life, is an actual risk here! – yet buying separate tickets, is also possible.
🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔
Cycle I – Carolin Zeitler, a movement & flow expert, coming from Malta to share with us her developed works & book on How Women Work & Succeed, a project to empower women in the middle east, and now she is expanding throughout the world.
Cycle II – Celeste Pomegrenate, an inspiring tantric bodyworker coming from Berlin/Chile, sharing with us a sensual Temple Ritual for Woman with Cacao.
Cycle III – Female Empowerment theatre, a different christmass story. Open to all genders & all ages. Stay tuned for this gift to unwrap!
Cycle IV – Maud Gancet, a french born, Israel based soft & strong female inspirator; dancing sjaman & voice empowerer, will share with us a Yantanamuri breathing session, to empower in the body & in the soul, combined with voice & movement work.
Cycle V – XIII ~ To Be Announced
This event is for you if you:
– want to explore & land into true femininity and her innate radiant power
– want to explore & land into a balanced masculine feminine
– want to explore & land into sisterhood and the magic of the great She
– want to learn about female cycles
– want to learn to draw power out of being a woman in these times
– want to explore & land into your authentic femmeness
Cycle I – Carolin Zeitler
About Carolin:
Carolin’s work is all about connection and creating cultures that are conducive to connection. She is a social entrepreneur, a business coach & writer, who originally studied dance therapy. After running a women’s empowerment initiative in the Middle Eastern Emirate of Qatar for eight years, she moved to Malta in 2016 and started working on empowering social entrepreneurs there. All her work is rooted in embodied practices, in exploring the connection between the different centers of intelligence – the heart, the mind and the gut. Her focus is on helping change makers and social innovators thrive, so they can make the amazing changes in the world that they were brought here to make.
A word from Carolin for this first cycle:
‘I would love to share my own story of founding and building a women’s empowerment initiative called How Women Work in the Middle East, of the highs and the lows, the struggle and the flow. I’d also love to share some of my learning from it, read from our book and do some of the exercises from it together. This evening is all about inspiring women to flow, grow and thrive, to appreciate in which way they are already thriving and what is holding them back right now. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your unique journeys.’
Carolin will share her study in how women behave in leaderschip positions. Hence she is perfect to come share with us to start our journey; how we can best bring ourselves back into empowerment. She has worked so far with women of all walks of life, working on redefining succes in every way a women wants. Her main themes are around authenticity, connection, and a natural sense of belonging.
The night will be partly sharing, partly excersizes, partly movement practise.
Carolin will only be here 5 days, and will also offer her ‘From Struggle To Flow’ workshop, as well as personal coaching sessions. Check H.O.W. facebook for this event.
All New Moon data:
28 okt – cycle I
26 nov – cycle II
26 dec – cycle III
24 jan – cycle IV
23 feb – cycle V
24 mar – cycle VI
23 apr – cycle VII
22 may – cycle VIII
21 jun – cycle IX
20 jul – cycle X
19 aug – cycle XI
17 sept – cycle XII
16 okt – cycle XIII
About Rosalie:
Rosalie is a Amsterdam based reconnective bodyworker, facilitator and founder of Sharingthegold & House Of Wholeness. She believes in the power of reconnecting to the innate nature of the Self, by allowing our own magnificence full space to Be. As she has guided herself, from disconnection, to a lifestory of empowerment, she wants to offer the same to all the femme’s who feel the call to connect back to their true nature; who feel called to offer both the self and so the world a rebalancing of the energies inside; masculine & feminine in each body. And thus she created a program that intends to invite femme’s to land back into their inititial, beautiful, radiant power; landing back into our wombs: Femme Empowerment Cycles is born.
We are looking forward, creating & being with you.
And are open, to birth with you, your true story. Offering you our hands to carry it, our heart, and our wombs. Never alone, All One.
With Love, Rosa & Carolin.
House Of Wholeness
Highly recommended reads on feminine healing/masculine rebalancing & being woman:
‘Het Vergeten Weten’ – Sifra Nooter, on the essence of true feminine power & sexuality, and the power in mooncircling
‘De verboden vrouw spreekt’ – Pamela Kribbe, channelings from Maria Magdalene on fem/masc balance in each human
‘Pussy, a reclamation’ – Regena Thomashauer, founder of the School of Womanly Arts
o early bird each cycle : €27,50,- (for cycle I until 13 okt ’19, every month offered, 2 weeks after NewMoon)
o regular ticket: €35,- (every month offered 2 weeks before NewMoon)
o 13 cycles: €250,- (until 28 oct)
o 12 cycles : €235,- (from 28 oct until 26 nov)
***the location will offer tea & filtered water for this evening
***bring warm socks, and anything else that would make you feel most comfortable
***location provides a safe & calm space, warmly held, surrounded by green & water, inc sheeps and pillows to sit on
***please email if you have any questions: sharingthegold@gmail.com
or: houseofwholeness@gmail.com
You may expect a program of high vibing, womb awakening & hearts bursting women coming to share their life’s findings with us; movement & dance therapy, womb- connection, worship & trauma release work, breath & femme’ voice work, exploring ritual & togetherness, sharing femme tenderness & power.
Be aware:
‘When women gather, magic happens.’