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We are so overjoyed to share the water magic in Utrecht! This Water Journey is an invitation to dive deeper in our way of relating with water (within and out), exploring this relationship LITERALLY Within Water! During this Introductory workshop we will give you a teaser of how a new, more intimate, relationship with water can feel and be explored. We all started Within Waters so it will be a journey towards Remembering our Home. Our essence. Our relaxed state of Being and non doing, and how to BE with EACH OTHER coming from this place.
During this introductory journey we will dive briefly into:
~ The Touch of Water, how does she feel on our skin? How does our body feels within? And how can we Touch like Water? We will guide you through the basic postures for/of giving a water-massage, learning how to hold someone and provide a safe space for deep surrendering.
~ The Sound of Water, we will dive into the relationship of water and sound/vibration.
~ The intimacy of Water, we will explore by connective exercises where we will meet each other through eye contact, breathing and movement. Exploring new dimensions intimacy can have in the water.
✾For who is this event?
For anyone who is able to swim by themselves and feels a YES within their own waters.
& For those who feel called by the water
& For those that want to deepen the relationship with water
& For those that wish to relate in a different way with water
& For those who have physical discomfort
& For those who are longing to relax
& For those who are willing to remember
& For those who are longing for warmth and a deeper connection with themselves and others.
& For those who want to experience something NEW
The perfect warm water pool:
Zwembad de Hoogstraat
Rembrandtkade 10, Utrecht
We like to keep it an intimate journey so the amount of tickets are limited.
If you feel a YES within your waters you can choose from the following options:
* Early Bird: 30,- (until the 21th of November )
** Regular Bird: 35,- (from the 22th of November)
**** Doorticket 40,- (if we still have tickets left)
***** Budget Ticket: 27,50,- (limited availability)
Bring a towel, some water or a cup, swimwear and something to eat afterwards, grounding can be very necessary.
18:45 Doors open
19:00 Introduction Within Waters and brief explanation
19:30 Entering the Water, creating gratitude circle
21:30 Leaving the Water
21:40 Closing circle incl. tea
22:00 Going home
✾About Within Waters & Water Massages
Within Waters is a co-creation between Rosanne Versteeg and Imaya Renee. It’s a platform for aquatic body workers to share the watermagic mostly in Amsterdam. Both have been studying with several different teachers to learn about the profound healing watermassages.
A Water Massage is massage that is taking place within the water. The so called ‘receiver’ will be floating in warm water and experience him/herself free from gravity, while lovingly being held by the ‘giver’. During a massage the receiver will be invited, through gentle touch and stretches, to let go of long held tension in the muscles and come to an unknown deep state of relaxation.
Rosanne is facilitating this event in co creation with Kees Schenk from Eigentijds Nederland.
Rosanne feels deep love for the water element and it has always been a big part of her live. After she received her first watermassage she was ‘sold’ and went to Ibiza to complete Aquahara level 1, 2 & 3. Besides sharing the water magic in Amsterdam Rosanne shares her art. She is a visual artist, allowing her waters to create on canvas. She is an art-teacher and creates workshops for intuitive painting and therapeutic art.
Kees is the founder and organizer of Eigentijds Nederland. His mission is to bring people and tribes together. He loves exploring new dimensions of connection with people through dance, sound and touch. And fell in love with exploring connection in the water. Kees has a background in tibetian sound healing. He offers workshops in dance, intimacy and guides wonderful ceremonies for small and large groups of people.
Here some words from previous participants during the workshops:
Joyce Kool:
“Ik had geen idee wat te verwachten, maar dat het zo’n bijzondere ervaring zou worden had ik nooit gedacht. Allereerst weten ze een sfeer van vertrouwen neer te zetten, waarna ik kon ervaren en genieten van het water in contact met anderen die zo bijzonder is. Door de gewichtsloosheid en het zachte water kon ik zo diep ontspannen en helemaal opgaan in de massage en later de dans. Het is niet in woorden te vertellen, dus ervaren is het enige wat ik je kan aanbevelen.”
Ron Yakir:
“I want to recommend this method and Rosanne Versteeg in particular for giving me such a great and interesting experience. I’ve never done anything like this and the way she led the workshop, sensitively guiding us through was beautiful.
Eline Bierling:
“11 years of my life, I was not able to move my body as I wanted to. Always longing for a different body, different legs. I was never able to connect, and feel as one, from head to toe. (…) In the water session I did not feel my legs, feet, arms and hands anymore. There was only a tingling sensation and a feeling of vibrant awareness gradually growing. (…) Today is my fifth day of experiencing my new legs. My new body. Being able to run, to dance, walking miles and climbing hills, with perfect grounding and an energy flow that’s no longer blocked.
Real healing has occurred… I am reborn.”
Within Waters is sharing (private) water massages in Amsterdam for 1 year now and so much magic has taken place already. It’s spreading already further to Utrecht, Koh Phangan (Thailand) and a retreat in Iceland. Follow our facebook page or website www.withinwaters.com for more info.
& More events will definitely follow soon!
We feel blessed to receive you,
~ Within Waters ~ Rosanne Versteeg
~ Eigentijds Nederland ~ Kees Schenk