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Sif Yraola and Javier Cosin will give you a deeper dive into what it truly means to live in a community and how to sustain it in modern life reality
Sif Yraola will unravel communication tools and coaching techniques that can support you on your path. Both of them will be sharing an effective and practical tool box so that you can use it to strengthen your connection first and forthmost to yourself before you connect to others and from there move into the art of sharing and being received for who you are.
What you will learn:
– an introduction to Javier Cosins paradise in Spain and to the way he lives his life integrated with nature. Q and A
– Deeper dive to yourself and others and how to show up for yourself.
– An invitation to form a community from the people who attend the workshop and to get tools to keep the connection and follow up gatherings to dive deeper together
– Guided meditations and sharings
Javier Cosin is a sculpture artist and a therapist. He facilitates groups, retreats and activities in his paradise that he created in Spain to help people reconnect to nature. Watch his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qon4aZUQC98
“One day, 20 years ago, I tried to make a dream come true that has been beating in my heart since I was a child. The dream was a vision to create a paradise community platform living to help people to reconnect to nature. While I am evolving on my own spiritual it has given me motivation and inspiration to materialize my dream into form. I built a whole community with my own two hands with the vision to bring people closer to each other and to reconnect to their hearts”. – Javier Cosin
Sif Yraola was a tribe member at the alternative business school named “Knowmads”. She learn a lot about herself and others and what it means to share intimately with other committed tribe members over a 6 months period of time. She has been leading cacao ceremonies, private coaching sessions, workshops and school programs along side being a freelance photographer.
Her vision is to live in a more heart to heart connected society where all the human parts are allowed to be seen and embrazed through creativity and their own unique way of being. In 2016 she traveled with her co-worker around Spain to find a land to create a community in. In that trip she heard about Javier Cosin and his hidden paradise up in the mountains. She got so inspired to see what he has been building for the last years with his own two hands that now they have started to work together; bridging the community living in with the big city life.
19:00-19:30 You Are Welcome
19:30-22:30 Workshop: Community building
22:30-23:00 Talk & Tea and then we go home
Online presale ticket: €15
Door ticket: €20