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In these extraordinary times where changes are so great, we are asked to connect with the highest aspect of ourselves. As we are at the breaching point of the Aquarian Age one must ask, how do I make myself ready for what is to come? How do I awaken the highest potential of my being?
The answer we offer you lies in the awakening of the cosmic aspects of ourselves. The energy of the Aquarian age is already here, but it will be born through us and so we must prepare. This process will direct us towards becoming the cosmic man and woman that we are meant to be. The divine beings we know that we are. The cosmic human connects heaven and earth. He seeks not outside of himself for the answers but finds the whole universe inside of him or her.
For this reason, we have developed this work surrounding the awakening of your inner universe. During Cosmic Alchemy we will focus on awakening the planets and stars within you. As above, so below. What is outside of yourself is also within yourself and during this workshop, you will be able to deepen your connection with yourself and the universe.
In this first workshop of a new series of inner work. We will initiate the root and heart chakra through the planets of Mars & Venus. These planets represent the divine masculine and the divine feminine inside of us. In this workshop, you will learn how to awaken these planetary energies inside of you so that you can take a step towards becoming a cosmic human.
We will work with group work, transmissions, ceremony, sharing, meditation, eye gazing, and more. Through the most amazing experiences and profound knowledge, you will take a big step towards learning to awaken Mars (masculine) and Venus (feminine) in you and how to connect these to essential energies within us.
We are looking forward to experiencing a magical evening with you,
Kees & Serena
Kees Schenk has been an organizer and teacher in the conscious field for seven years. He has a passion for astrology, connection, alchemy, meditation, and energy work.aIn these times he wants to support people that feel ready to take the next step in their personal growth and help people find their full potential so that they can make their dreams come true.
As a quintuple Scorpio, Serena has always been fascinated by that which lies beyond what can be seen. She has been studying psychology, astrology, tantra, meditation, and spirituality for seven years now. Together with Kees, she facilitates workshops that help people in the areas of self-development, spirituality, and consciousness. She guides Men’s groups, teaches women about their cycle, has her own coaching practice, and facilitates and co-creates retreats and workshops. For this event, Serena will be embodying and sharing about the energy of Venus. Bringing you back into the softness of your own heart, where unconditional love and compassion await you.
Do you feel you want to join this event? Then get your ticket below!
Early bird: €30,- (until the 19th of October)
Normal ticket: €35,- (from the 20th of October)
Budget ticket: €25 (limited availability)
Please note: Tickets are not refundable. If ticket holders experience Covid symptoms, cancellation is only possible 24 hours before the start of the event.
Location: Conscious Invitations
Adres: Laagte Kadijk 148, Amsterdam
Date workshop: Thursday the 28th of October
Arrival: 19:00
Start workshop: 19:30
End workshop: 22:30
Close: 23:00
We have room for around 25 people in the nice setting of this location.
There will be free tea and water.
This workshop is meant for people of all ages!
You can contact us through: info@eigentijdsnederland.com
***Corona guidelines***
If the event is canceled due to new corona measurements you will get a refund.
We follow the corona guidelines for workshops and education. If you have any questions about this just send us an email.