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We welcome you to follow this amazing 1 day workshop on how you can move from lust to love in your relationships. By really fulfilling desires, moving from a place of love instead of need. Vulnerability instead of anger. And loving attraction instead of hunger. By shifting from lust to love we will be able to create deeper emotional connections.
We invite you to discover, learn and play. So that you can make all your love relationships more beautiful and full of joy by learning to express your deepest desires in a healthy way and learning to move and relate from a place of abundant love.
Committed intimate partnership
One of the main axes of this workshop is inspired by the IMAGO THEORY (as well as by the Work of Byron Katie, the Completion process of Teal Swan, the non violent communication of Marshall Rosenberg).
The Imago theory is a theory of committed intimate partnership. The foundation teaches that the purpose of the unconscious, in the choice of partner based on romantic attraction, is to finish childhood. Partner selection, therefore, is the result of an unconscious match between a mental image of one’s parents/caretakers, created in childhood (called Imago) and certain character traits of the attractive partner.
Since unmet childhood needs are brought into adult intimate partnerships for resolution, and since the selected partner shares the same limitations as one’s parents, inevitably, they are re-activated and frustrations re-experienced.
The work on conscious relating wants to offer partners another option: cooperate with the intention of their unconscious by creating a “conscious committed relationship” in which they intentionally meet each other’s unmet childhood needs.
Another way we will work on this is by learning to recognise our own survival mechanisms like hunger and fear. And learning how can heal and express them in a healthy way. Learning to be present with this, and from this place letting go and moving from wholeness.
What other methods will we use this day?
To achieve this goal, we will dive into and practice a three-stage structured process: the Conscious Dialogue, embodiment exercises and connective exercises which you can do alone, with your partner or practice with another participant.
With love,
Ilaria Rubei en Kees Schenk
ILARIA RUBEI is a lightworker based in Paris, she serves as a conscious community leader and relationship coach.
She facilitates healing groups workshops and is a certified Reiki healer.
Ilaria organizes Women Circles during the new and full Moon, and workshops on Sacred Relationships.
KEES SCHENK is the founder and community leader of Eigentijds Nederland.
He is a Incompassion coach and trainer. Teaching people how to reach a state of self love, and from this state of abundant love opening up to other people.
Kees teaches tantra, connective dance and gives beautiful and powerful ceremonies.
Do you feel you want to join this event? Then get your ticket below!
Early bird: €45,- (till the 7th of October)
Normal ticket: €50,- (from the 8th of October)
Budget ticket: €40 (very limited availability)
Location: Tai chi school
Adres: Kerkstraat 441, Amsterdam
Date workshop: sunday the 22th of September
Arrival: 14:00-14:30
Start workshop part 1: 14:30-17:30
Potluck dinner: 17:30-19:00*
Start workshop part 2: 19:00-22:00
End workshop: 22:00
Close: 22:30
We have room for around 24 people in the nice setting of this location.
There will be free thee and water.
A potluck diner is a concept where everybody brings food to share to have a diverse diner together. We have plates and cutlery on the location.
This workshop is meant for people of all ages!