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In this evening we will explore the fundamentals of relating in a Sacred Way.
Relationships are a precious mirror of the relationship to yourself, but we often try to seek balance outward instead of inward. We seek to merge harmonizing aspects in our partners; while we need to start from within, to see that balance and harmony are reflected outside. It is profound because the reconnection of these dancers within will inevitably allow the dance outside to flow and create beauty and love. We will share perspectives and tools to bring that in alignment.
We will explore the bases of the harmonious dance between the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, how they are playing out in our relationships, how they can be realigned and what happens when they are out of balance, in opposition or disconnected from each other.
What you can expect:
Exploration and application of:
Integrity and sincerity of the heart,
Sharing, personal cases, questions, awareness exercises.
This isn’t a quick fix but a sincere deepening of the stepping stones to becoming more aware. It will help you apply these teachings in your daily life.
Everyone is welcome and there is no need to be in a relationship, you only need to be willing to dive into the relationship with yourself.
Ilaria is a lightworker based in Paris, she serves as a conscious community leader and relationship coach.
She facilitates healing groups workshops and is a certified Reiki healer.
Ilaria also organizes Women Circles during the new and full Moon, and workshops on Sacred Relationships.
Early Bird: €20 (till the 25th of november)
Normal: €25 (from the 26th of november)
Budget: €15 (limited availability)
You are welcome: 18:30
Start at: 19:00
End: 21:30
Close: 22:00
Location: Mirror Center
Address: Ter Gouwstraat 3, Amsterdam