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During this open level workshop we will teach you the essence of signature zouk movements in a way that is adaptable to any body type.
After this workshop you will be able to create & execute comfortable body movements with a partner.
The potential of zouk is endless and can be deepened as a spiritual practise beyond form, this state is very accessible once you are familiar with the dance, yet is not a realistic goal to achieve within one workshop. We will provide you with glimpses and encourage you to expand your journey at upcoming zouk & EJ/EN collaborations:
– ZoukDreams
– Intimacy Festival
About Brazilian Zouk:
Zouk is a partnerdance that leaves a lot of freedom for musicality & expression
Once you get the fundamentals down there are endless possibilities & fusions. Zouk can be danced in an embrace or separate from each other. Each bodypoint can be used as a point to lead or follow.
Some signature zouk moves are: circular patterns, head movements, cambres, isolations & body rolls.
Beyond the physical you will find that the heart openers and spinal movements also have an effect on the energetic & emotional body. The play of polarity through role division allows you to tune into states of surrender & leadership, as well as connection & autonomy. Diving deeper into these states all polarities will start to intertwine.
Monday 25th November
19:00 Arrival
19:30 Essence of Zouk by Xena and Ariana
22:30 Relaxing with talking and thee
Entrance fee: 13 euro (online, inc. service cost) or 15 euro (door)
Free thee and water
About the teachers
Xena Georgina: Xena has been a Zouk dancer for three years, but her main calling is to use this fluid dance as a healing tool for spiritual and social development. She holds a Msc in Psychology and combines her studies in Neuropedagogy, Vipassana meditation, Yoga, Shakti Tantra and integral massage with her passion for art and expression.
To be able to hold space for and empower others, Xena is on a continuous journey to develop herself in not only the dance world, but also in the conscious and corporate communities. Her main study fields are dance, leadership and tantra. In all these fields Xena has given various trainings and workshops related to body & mind development. She teaches in a way that is intuitive, expressive and humorous.
While Brazilian Zouk is her main dance, she also draws inspiration from Sufi Whirling, Contact Improvisation, African Dance, Kizomba and Tango.
Ariana Norcia: Zouk has been one of the great loves of my life; the close embrace, the diversity in music, movement & connection. And the experience of being part of a worldwide community, the latter I could appreciate more fully after meeting my dance partner with whom I traveled to teach in Dubai, Germany, Poland, Spain and Ukraine.
Shortly after I started my dance-partnership I got accepted to a dance academy. And in 2015 graduated as a dance teacher.
Outside of dance I followed training in biodynamic therapy, attended countless workshops and classes and have gone on an incredible journey of tantra at the School of Shakti.
Yet my most valuable tools are those I could not study for and came in ways I could not expect.
I approach embodied living through the arts of seduction, dance, tantra and therapy. Using my qualities of intuition, sensitivity and empathy to attune.
Programm coming weeks:
Monday of October 28th | Helen met je handen: een introductie door Joanna Verhagen
Monday 4th of November | Tantra: de innerlijke criticus en het spontane zelf door Laura Kistemaker
Maandag November 11th | Diving deep into conscious relationships door Ilaria Rubei
Maandag November 18th | Tantra: love & forgiveness door Joris van der Geest