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Myofascial Energetic Release is a massage and bodywork method that removes physical and emotional blockages hidden deep inside the fascia.
In this introductory workshop Roland will tell you everything he learned in his years giving thousands of sessions and co-hosting many workshops in this bodywork modality.
You will gain a deep understanding of:
– How the fascia works, and how you can find physical and emotional blockages in the body.
– How to ‘read’ a body for blockages and misalignments.
– How to communicate with your clients, and how he did so when giving clients in China where people didn’t speak his language
– The importance of knowing exactly what you are doing when you want to facilitate a session that brings life changing results for your client
– How he manages to give over 4 sessions in a single day without burning out
– And many more things…
If you are curious about massage, bodywork, shiatsu or any other body modality; then you will definitely learn something new and interesting this evening!
In the full MER training Roland trains his students to be full-fledged professional bodyworkers:
You will get a deep understanding of the anatomy of the body and workings of the fascia, backed by the latest scientific research.
You will learn how to ‘read’ the body for blockages and misalignment. You will be able to read exactly what kind of session your client needs, so your sessions are always spot-on.
(( This is how Roland consistently cures people of chronic pain and movement impairment within 3 – 8 sessions. By seeing exactly what part of the body needs to be worked on, and in what order. ))
In every module you will learn about a certain part of the body. You will receive the exact strokes to work every part of the body, from head to toe.
You will learn the communication skills to make your client feel safe. How to spot if a client is dissociating or going into different kind of emotions.
(( So you will able to cure people of chronic pains in every part of the body. And have the ability to facilitate a safe space where people can release the emotional and traumatic blockages connected with the contractions in the fascia. ))
You will learn how to take extreme good care of yourself around sessions, so you are able to give a huge volume of sessions.
You learn how to position yourself in such a way that you can give your sessions effortlessly, without breaking a sweat or getting aches in your own body.
(( This is how Roland regularly gives 20 sessions a week, that is 4 sessions a day for 5 days straight, without burning out. ))
Recently de-armouring has been all the hype. However, it’s also getting a lot of backlash for being too invasive and painful the body. And with good reason!
MER differs in that it teaches you how to give a session in such a way that the body stays in a relaxed and open state, and the client feels in control and completely relaxed.
”Roland Engelbracht has spent years learning Osho Rebalancing from one of the originators of this method, Satyarthi Peloquin.
After years of giving sessions, co-hosting workshop, and knowledge of Postural Integration Therapy, they together created ‘Myofascial Energetic Release’.
He is now fully booked giving sessions and workshops in the Netherlands, Greece and China.
Baden Powellweg 263, Amsterdam (House of Wholeness)Baden Powellweg 263, Amsterdam (House of Wholeness)Baden Powellweg 263, Amsterdam (House of Wholeness)Baden Powellweg 263, Amsterdam (House of Wholeness)
Do you feel you want to join this event? Then get your ticket below!
Early bird: €20,- (till the 9th of September)
Normal ticket: €25,- (from the 10th of September)
Location: House of Wholeness
Adres: Baden Powellweg 263, Amsterdam.
Date workshop: Sunday 15th of September
Arrival: 19:00
Start workshop: 19:30
End workshop: 22:00
Close: 22:30
This workshop is meant for people from age 18 to 39.