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Dear beautiful beings,
Experience nature and communal living through the 5 elements (ether, water, fire, earth and air). We will be staying in the magical Westfjords of Iceland. The Icelandic nature is magical, raw and wild. Let the the mountains, waterfalls and rawness call you home to your true nature. Let her pure presence open yourself up to inspire your being!
We will be in 10 different tribes celebrating the uniqueness of our being through connection, authentic expressions, mystical experiences, playfulness and music. This will be our unique way to explore and find out how we want to live in a community together with the support and magic of the raw nature of Iceland. Each day you will be encouraged to connect with a different element within yourself and the group which will support and direct us on our journey towards envisioning, embodying and experiencing our ideal communal way of living.
Earth: We will ground ourselves being in the raw and untouched landscapes of the Westfjords.
Water: We will visit the local waterfalls and the sea to connect to our inner flow.
Fire: we will explore the fire element within us and embrace its healing expression around the campfire and Iceland’s volcanic landscapes.
Air: embrace your free being through the powerful winds of the Mountains highlands.
Ether: allow the space within you to unfold under the magical aurora skies and connect to the hidden beings living in the ethereal realm.
Picture yourself being outside of the matrix, away from societies limitations. You are located in a remote place in the middle of the stunning Westfjords of Iceland. You have raw nature all around waiting for you to bring out your pure being. This will be a week for those who dare to create, connect, share and express ourselves to each other. We are stronger together than alone and we work synergistically with each other. Each day we will create a framework to bring us closer to each other inspired by the 5 elements
What you can expect:
Playful expression games
Connective workshops
Nature exploration
Cozy community evenings
Magical ceremonies
Nature exploration – magic realms
Musical journeys
Tribal creations
Connective dance
Tribal party
This off the grid experience is organized by the International Conscious Community. The International Conscious Community is a global network that wants to bring connection and awareness to people across the world.
For more information check:
Earliest Pioneers (first ten people): €575
Early Bird: €600 (till the 1st of september)
Regular bird: €650 (till the 15th of october)
Late Bird: €700 (15th of october)
Budget Ticket: €550 (only buy it if you need it, limited availability)
Get your ticket here: https://www.chipta.com/en/offthegridiceland/14048/selectticket/
You will get:
– A shared room with one other person in a local house in the Westfjords.
– a beautiful shared space
– workshops and facilitations for the whole experience
Food Economy:
Food is not included in the ticket price. As a part of the “Off the Grid” experience you will buy your own Food supply.
Because we will go off grid you will need to buy food for the whole stay beforehand. Depending on your means of arrival you bring your own food, or if you travel with our pick up service from the airport, we will stop at the supermarket where you will shop for yourself for the entire venture.
Each house is equipped with its own private kitchen so you could either share food in a community potluck or have an intimate tribal dining experience in your own house.
Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided during the day.
There is a possibility of getting one warm plate a day by an Icelandic local cook for a special price of only 90,- euros for 7 days.
The arrival will be on the 21st of October, on the 22nd of October there will be a day of rest to settle into the place. We will start the “Off the Grid experience’’ on the 23rd. The program will end on the 27th of October with the possibility of staying up to 4 days extra with additional cost.
You are responsible for getting to and away from the retreat.
If we are with big group however, we can rent a bus together. Which will cost approximately 200 euros for a back and forth bus ticket.
There is a local airport in Ísafjörður which is only 20 km away from Súðavík.
More information about traveling options will be revealed later.
More information about how to get to the exact location will be revealed soon.
For this experience we want at least 10 participants for us to go on. We advise you to not get your flight ticket before we have given you a GO. So we are sure this experience will go on.
Luxury stay possible
You will pay €150 extra for a single person room
Wanna see more and discover Iceland after and before the retreat? There is a possibility to stay a couple of days longer or before at the place and you could discover the stunning nature pearls of the Icelandic Westfjords. For this connect with Sif at yraola.sif@gmail.com.
If you feel an immediate YES! Or if you have any questions, please contact us through email at icctribe@gmail.com so we can get back to you as soon as possible.
We are looking forward having you onboard, on this unique communal experience where we will take a leap in uniting the tribes of this world. We are here to serve and guide you through this journey.
See you there!