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We have planted many seeds over the past months and have been aiming to achieve our goal of creating this very special event. Now has come the moment to invite you all to join. We celebrate on the Land of Jessica and Rogier, owners of ‘de Stille Kracht’, an Oasis of Nature, Beauty and Peace in Drenthe, (Northern part of The Netherlands)
During 3 beautiful days we will not only co-create this Gathering to pay respect to our Mother Earth, our Lands and Ancestors and the future of our next seven Generations to come, we also love to bring honor to Grandmother Flordemayo and TreeSisters and their Sacred work.
De Stille Kracht is a wonderful place where you may find a deeper connection with your inner Self and Source while joining the several Ceremonies and celebrations or by just wondering around over the peaceful Land.
For this intimate Sacred Gathering we aim for 40 people max. There are still some places left. So secure your place fast by sending an email to info@eigentijdsnederland.com. Thereafter you will receive an email about how you can pay your ticket and with all further practical information. You can order your ticket by sending an email to info@eigentijdsnederland.com In that email state your first and last name and ticket type. From there we will inform you on how to secure your spot for this event.
To celebrate this Equinox of September 23rd we will start on Monday early in the morning with a Ceremony to honor the Sacred Waters of our Mother Earth. Also we will create an offering (Despacho) of flowers, seeds and berries in the afternoon. (So please do not forget to bring flowers, dried flowerleaves or berries!) We close this day with a Sacred Fire Ceremony.
About Ceremony of the Hunebeds
Some people call them the ‘Beds of the Giants’ (Hunes) or the bones of our EarthMother. To me they are ‘The Sacred Stones of the Low Lands’, Sacred sites of Ancient times. Some laying in the openness of the fields, some in the darknessof the Forest and some alongside a road.
They are the WisdomKeepers,holding their Wisdom to share with us Humans.
On day 2 of the Gathering we will have Sacred Ceremonies at the Hunebeds.
Other ceremonies and facilitators
You are invited to join: our Sacred Water – Sacred Fire – and Sacred Pipe Ceremony as also a GiveAway, Despacho and two Ceremonies for Mother Earth at the sites of the Hunebeds.
Our special honored guests are :
Raphael Weisman HeartThreadHealing
Dineke Witwyfke Diemer Fire Ceremony
Danny Vader Sacred Pipe Ceremony
Corina Ratzel Shamanic Art Performance
Nina Boas Shamanic Meditative Rainbow Sounds Performance:
Milan Tettero Photographer
Help us support our planet
By buying a ticket for this event you will help support the present and future of our planet. In case of a positive outcome, we aim to donate to ‘The Path’ of Grandmother Flordemayo and to’TreeSisters’ because we honor and love to support the amazing work of these two organisations and what they offer to our Planet and to all our Relations…
Thank you,
Grandmother Angelique Boas
GrandmotherCircle of Grandmothers of the Sacred Stones
We offer several different types of tickets. Do you want to sleep in a shared dormitory or a more private room. Or will you bring your own tent?
Camping ticket (sleep in own brought tent)
Camping ticket: €245,-
For students with scolarship and people with low budget €200,-
Dorm (with ten separate beds)
Dorm ticket: €255,-
Room (private room, each with two separate beds. If you buy a ticket alone you can expect to sleep with another person in the room. If you want to be in the room with someone specific, let us know!)
Room ticket: €295,- (2 left)
Order your ticket now by sending an email to info@eigentijdsnederland.com In that email state your first and last name and ticket type. From there we will inform you on how to secure your spot for this event.
Sunday September 22nd
7PM Arrival at de Stille Kracht
10:30PM Informal Introduction Circle
Monday September 23rd
7:28AM Water Ceremony (crystal planting + sharing of the waters)
Please bring Water to share and a personal Crystal to offer to the Water .
9 AM Breakfast (we like to start this first Gathering with a Potluck, so bring something to share at this meal)
10AM Opening Circle ‘Talking stick – sharing
11AM – 12:30 PM
1st Performance in the Circle to open the Heart by Corina Ratzel
2nd Mini workshop: ‘HeartThread Healing’ by Grandfather Raphael.
12:30 PM – 2 PM Lunch
2 PM – 6 PM
Gathering in Circle and Creating a Despacho (offering) to celebrate the September Equinox. Everyone
brings dried or fresh flowers flowers, seeds or berries ! Music is very welcome …
* Possibilities for private Sessions are from 4 PM – 6 PM
with Grandfather Raphael.
l or Grandmother Angelique
(30 min € 60,- or 60 min € 100,-)
booking in advance via : sessies@oriste.dds.nl You’ll get further instructions.
6:30 PM Dinner
8 PM Fire Ceremony – Dineke Witwyfke Diemer
Open Space
Giving Thanks for the Day
Tuesday September 22nd
7:30 AM MorningPrayers
Morning Performance … to embrace the new Day and with the energy of Resurrection, Corina Ratzel
8:30 AM Breakfast
10 AM Circle – Journey/Meditation Grandmother Angelique
11AM –12 Noon Indigenous – Europe
Grandfather Rob will share the Ancient History of our Lower Lands, our Ancestry and information regarding The Sacred Stones (Hunebeds)
12 Noon – 1:30 PM Lunch
2 PM – 5 PM
Visiting and Praying with The Sacred Stones for Mother Earth
We will visit two different Hunebeds which are in alignment with each other.
Please bring your Shaman drum, rattle and Crystals.
6:30 PM Dinner
8 PM Sacred Pipe Ceremony Danny Vader
Open space and Gathering, Storytelling around the Fire
Giving Thanks for the Day
Wednesday September 25th
7:30 AM Morning Prayers
8:30 AM Breakfast
10 AM Gathering in Circle ,
Unity & Prayer Meditation
11:30 AM Shamanic Meditative Performance: Rainbow Sounds Nina Boas
12:30 Noon Lunch
1 PM – 2:30 PM
Open Space 2:30PM – 6 PM
* Trading and sharing of small Homemade Tools like Smudge fans, Sage-sticks, Herb- Sacred Tobacco bundles, Jewelry etc etc
* Sacred Seed Trading of unmodified Seeds
* Possibilities for private Sessions are from 4 PM –6 PM.
with Grandfather Raphael or Grandmother Angelique
(30 min € 60,- 60 min € 100,-)
booking in advance via : sessies@oriste.dds.nl
6:30 PM Dinner
8 PM – … … …
Circle Gathering and GiveAway Ceremony
Giving Thanks for the Day
Thursday September 26th
7 AM Morning Prayers in Circle Gathering
Closing Ceremony
8 AM Breakfast
9 AM – 11:45 AM
Cleaning, packing and leaving
To bring :
Water Ceremony : Waterslippers/shoes , 1 Crystal to offer to the Waters,
small bottle of Water from visited places worldwide for sharing with the Waters
Despacho (offering) Fresh or dried flowers, seeds and berries
Ceremony with the Sacred Stones and all Gatherings in Circle :
1 Chrystal for praying, Shaman drum, rattle
for the Central Altar: Sacred objects
for everyone who loves to bring:
Shaman Drum; Rattle; Hang; Indian Flute; Tibetan Bowl; Harmonium; Rainmaker; Ocean Drum
Rain clothing / boots – Tents for camping – Sleeping bag if you do not order sheets/and towel from the house – flashlight – Yoga pillow and something underneath to sit on the cold soil.
Small folding chair, only if you have difficulties sitting on Mother Earth!
Your own favorit blanket (when it is cold in the evening around the Fire),
May we all Walk in Beauty
Note: We will have 3 full days of Ceremony and Celebration !!
We will arrive and unpack at Sunday 22nd at 7PM because we will start very early in the morning on Monday 23rd.
Our last Ceremony will be late in the evening of Wednesday 25th. At Thursday 26th we will leave and pack before Noon.